Local Support 066: It's all Fela Kuti once the bass kicks in

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Like A Fox

Like A Fox sounds like The Cure, bag pipes and all. Here's a challenge — try to listen for the guitar solo over the acoustic riff halfway through "Internal/External." Its hard to hear, but a very nice, very subtle touch. nonetheless.

Tuff Crew's "Old-School Jacking" is off DJ Too Tuff's set of 17 unreleased tracks from back in the day. Somewhere on City Line, there's a Caddy blasting the beat from this song with the bass cranked up loud enough to cause bystanders caught in the wavelength to lose control of their bodily functions.

What begins like a mantra from an indie rock yoga session and ends like the catchy electronica soundtrack of a Lexus commercial? Stephen P. Anderson's (formerly of Xonic Shockum) "Aahioomba."

Their name is Illinois but their folk-tinged rock-turned-pop is all Philly. They also drink whiskey. Their song, beautifully titled "Irish Whiskey," is an iTunes and Local Support Exclusive.

The northernmost tip of the Local Support empire reaches New Brunswick, once home of a rock band from the late '70s known as Figures of Light. Their lyrics, as least as far as "Gimme Gimme Gimme" is concerned, are more fun and low-bow then their progressive, transcendent-sounding name would lead one to believe. “Gimme gimme gimme/ gimme some cash/ all of the rest of my life is trash.” Old words, ageless meaning.

Viro the Virus

Viro the Virus' funky beats and church organ fills are certainly infectious. I saw him open for GZA in September. His funky beats and church organ fills are certainly infectious. He had a fan in the front row more hulking than Suge Knight and he was really getting into the music; he looked like he was about to smash anyone lacking the tenacity to match his fist pumps and arm flails to get into the music as his fists pumped and arms flailed. Luckily, no one had his spine snapped. Any artist who can inspire such fervor is fine in my book.

Sometimes you gotta wonder if Local Support prime minister Jon Solomon chooses the song order to jolt audiences, especially when considering the contrast of styles between the relaxation-inducting Greg Robinson's "To Parts Unknown" and American Speedways' blistering sprint "One Foot In, One Foot Out." Its always encouraging to hear a band that can rock out and tear up solos without wearing leather loincloths, burning down churches or generally taking themselves too seriously.

Niao's "Summer Showers" sounds sort of like Sigur Ros splattered by a freight train (in a good way), but it's all Fela Kuti once the bass kicks in. Good timing — I was getting confused by all the white noise.

Hi-Boys' "Girl in the Groove" is my new favorite song to play as a pick-me-up when I run out of coffee. It could easily be mistaken for The Beatles by a tentative ear — always a compliment.

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Like A Fox - "Internal/External" - Where's My Golden Arm?
Tuff Crew - "Old School Jackin (featuring Prime Minister Dope)" - DJ Too Tuff's Lost Archives
Stephen P. Anderson - "Aihoombah" - Songs 2008
Solus - "Hub & Holmes" - Rhizome
Illinois - "Irish Whiskey" - The Adventures Of Kid Catastrophe: Chapter One

Figures Of Light - "Gimme Gimme Gimme" - Smash Hits
Marc Silver & The Stonethrowers - "Earthly Bed" - Past Is Prelude
Viro The Virus - "Word Flu" - The Sharpest Blade
Greg Robinson - "To Parts Unknown" - Cdr
American Speedway - "One Foot In, One Foot Out" - Ship Of Fools

Mischief Brew - "Bury Me In Analog" - Photographs From The Shoebox
Niao - "Summer Showers" - Summer Showers
Hi-Boys - "Girls In The Groove" - Absolutely Another Allentown Anglophile "Again" (c)
1929 - "The Twin Is Dead" - Last But Not Leased
Thee Minks - "Girl On The Go" - Are You Ready Now?

Monkey 101 - "French Feelings" - 45

Duration: 01:19:40


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