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January 21–28, 1999

disc quicks|pop/rock

The Hope Blister

… smile's ok





Ivo Watts-Russell, the founder of 4AD records and organizer of the serene, crotchety "group" This Mortal Coil, takes another stab at making gauzy, ethereal music with The Hope Blister. Here, Watts-Russell pays tribute to and covers songs by the Cranes and Mojave 3 as well as avant-rock masters Brian Eno, David Sylvian and John Cale. In several of these versions a string quartet is supported by bass and saxophone—and all of the tracks move at a glucose drip's pace. With no break between songs, … smile's ok becomes a chamber suite with near-religious overtones marked by a chilling, minimalist hum. From the "No Quarter"-like swelling of "Dagger" to the classical Indian din of "Is Jesus Your Pal," Blister's wash of reverberations have the effect of a skin-soaking rain. Mortal Coil vocalist Louise Rutkowski's mezzo-soprano moves with slippery grace. Like a curl slowly falling from one's head, Rutkowski winds her way down through Eno's expressionist nightmare "Spider and I," Cale's faux-gospel "Hanky Panky Nohow" and Sylvian's impressionist daydream "Let The Happiness In" with uncertainty. Quieter than an Irish quake but just as dour, … smile's ok is the perfect album to have on when the lights are out.

-a.d. amorosi

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