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February 24–March 2, 2000

six pick

Sutpen’s Jungle

Once a style relegated to rave backrooms, jungle takes the main stage for the largest drum ’n’ bass party Illy Philly has ever seen. Put on by Substitution and Goodie Goodie in the enormous Electric Factory, some of the world’s most acclaimed jungle DJs and MCs will be pummeling your night with rolling thunda and rhymes that’ll hype a crowd into a ballistic state. There to drop the ill skillz and strategic flava will be Brits Kenny Ken with his monstrous dubz, Bryan Gee and his massive dub-plate collection and DJ SS, who gets props for universalizing drum ’n’ bass. Also along for the ride are Freaky Flow and J. Smooth, who always funk things up with their hip-hop jump-up. Add in DJ Dara, MC Skibadee and Philly’s own d’n’b gurus and MCs — Starchild, Lorne, Kpakpo, Armen, MC Mis-Ty, MC J-Messinian, and S.P.A.W.N. — and this event is Philly history in the making. That’s wuzzup.

Sean O’Neal

Sat., Feb. 26, 9 p.m.-6 a.m., Electric Factory, Seventh and Willow Sts., 215-336-2000. Call Goodie Goodie at 215-552-8587 or Substitution: 215-618-1501; $25 in advance, $28 at the door,

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