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May 13–20, 1999


Philadelphia CITY PAPER Interactive—Primary 99

Dwight's Plight
by Jen Darr

He may have great ideas, but can he run a city?

ToteBoard Who do you think will win the Democratic primary and why?
compiled by Mary Frangipanni Patel
Happy Trails
by Frank Lewis

Does she have the chops to be mayor?

Two Way Street
by Gwen Shaffer
Will the real John Street please step forward?


The decisions made inside the privacy of a voting booth are a hybrid of research and prejudice, solid reasoning and gut feelings. Inside City Paper's voting booth—the editorial conference room—writers and editors brought all these influences to bear in deciding whom to endorse for the Democratic nomination for mayor. It wasn't an easy decision—supporters of John Street and especially Dwight Evans made strong arguments for their candidates—but finally, we decided on one man as the strongest choice for mayor: John White Jr.

image Handled With Care
by Frank Lewis

With first-time candidate Marty Weinberg what you see isn't neccessarily what you get.

White Sale
by Gwen Shaffer

White hopes to win support from disenchanted voters.

Sam I Am
by Jen Darr
Attention please… Sam Katz is also running for mayor.

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