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Here We Are Now
-Patrick Rapa

The Hangman
James Lewes is documenting a very perishable part of the local rock scene.
-Patrick Rapa

Where They Were Then
From Studio to salon to saloon, old-heads recall the scene they can¹t exactly remember.
-A.D. Amorosi

Punk Calling
Diary of a man in a local band (or two) in the early 䢔s.
-179Frank Blank² Moriarty

Getting to the point
the bryn mawr club knows where it¹s going, and where it¹s been.
-Mary Armstrong

Those were the frickin¹ days
Rolling stone¹s david fricke remembers the main point
-Patrick Rapa

The Lowdown
Peaks, valleys and what finally put a fork in The Low Road.
-Lori Hill

Tearing Down The House DJ
The life, music, modeling, drugs, death and rebirth of Narayan.
-Sean O¹Neal

October 17-23, 2002

cover story

Deep Thoughts with The Low Road

Mark Schreiber: "One of our first big gigs was opening for Dr. John at the Chestnut Cabaret. I seem to recall that we got the gig on the condition that we supply the back line, which means we were to supply the drums and bass amp.... I remember too much about how we went over. It just dawned on me that about that time, I knew that I wanted a fuller sound to come from the kit. It was also about that time that I stopped smoking pot. One paranoid thought was that this amazing drummer from Dr. John's band was going to run off with my kit. This fucking guy played my kit so well; it seemed to me that this was the first time my kit had really been played. And so the weed went away."

Rosie McNamara-Jones: "In 1992, Mark and I got to play with T-Bone Burnett and Marc Ribot when they made an appearance at a WXPN Singer/Songwriter weekend. Later that night, TLR had a gig at The North Star, and both of them showed up to play with us -- we did a strange rendition of Wild Thing.'"

Alan Hewitt: "Our weekly residency at Sin-é in itself was a wellspring of memories: watching this little tiny girl in a red dress and lipstick, dwarfed by a standard Fender Tele shuttled along the sidewalk of St. Mark's from the bar down the street by some bodyguard types to usurp our scheduled time slot while we waited patiently outside with our equipment. P.J. Harvey."

Palmer Yale: "If I could go back in time, I'd change this: We played some shows with Barenaked Ladies. They liked us, we liked them, their crowd liked us and they asked us to continue with them to California and possibly more. But we had already agreed to tour with Black 47, so we turned down the Ladies' invitation. The Black 47 tour took us to VFWs and restaurants where the prime rib special got billing over us on the marquee and the Ladies went on to sold-out houses all over the West Coast. D'oh!"

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