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Arch Enemies
It appears that Fairmount neighbors have been successful in their attempts to stop McDonald’s.
-Brian Hickey

Gale Warning
Angel's Last Stand
-Daryl Gale

It All Comes Out in the Wash
-Mary F. Patel

May 29-June 4, 2003

the bell curve

City Paper's weekly gauge of Philly's Quality of Life

Larry Brown announces he'll no longer coach 76ers. We know Larry, we watched the playoffs. Minus 5

Mo Cheeks is the likely candidate for Sixers coaching job. Rumor is Cheeks squeezed out Brown. Plus 1

Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney will help establish civilian police force in Iraq. First thing he'll do is go after the puppet regimes. Plus 1

Vandals dye water in Love Park fountain pink. Or maybe some Manic-Panicked skater kid fell in after trying to grind a wooden bench. Plus 6

Pennsylvania will open discount liquor stores near New Jersey border. N.J. responds, "No thanks. We're good." Plus 2

Activists throw shoes at SEPTA board meeting to protest proposed fare increases and services cutbacks. SEPTA politely hands shoes back, saying, “They’re going to need them.” Plus 1

Animal rescuers work on plan to rescue the wild cats of Veterans Stadium before demolition. The first step: Lure the cats onto the turf and wait for them to twist their ankles. Plus 3

Police announce plans to crack down on aggressive panhandlers. PGW is forcibly removed from City Council sessions. Minus 1

Mob boss Ralph Natale offered to wear wire to rat out associates to FBI, Inky reports. Next stop for Natale: Sing Sing.

Minus 1

"Most historic bathroom in America" at Independence Mall demolished to unearth original President's House. Even now, it's still in better shape than the one at Dirty Frank's. Even

Total pluses: 14

Total minuses: 7

Score for the week: 7

Last week’s score: -16

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