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December 16-22, 2004


Duran Duran Duran

DEAD BEATS: "Electronic sets are usually completely insufferable to watch," says Flis.

For a second there, it looked like a Slayer show: a stormy sea of flailing fists and oafish fools doing barrel rolls. But the method to this madness is not off-key vocals and out-of-tune guitars. It's basslines and beats with the thump/thwack quotient of a meat tenderizer, triggered from the sticker-encrusted laptop of Duran Duran Duran's Ed Flis.

"Electronic sets are usually completely insufferable to watch," says Flis, who lives in Frankford. "While I think the music should speak for itself, it's more than music that fuels a good live show."

In the case of Duran-to-the-third-power, shows are fueled by Flis' own expressive display of headbanging, tongue-wagging and pumping devil horns. Last month, he was a hit at the third Philadelphia Laptop Battle. The judges gave him second place but the audience was noticeably in favor of Flis' breakcore sound.

"Breakcore was a punk-rock reaction to the snobbery that enveloped drum 'n' bass in the mid- to late '90s in Europe," Flis explains. "For me, it's the most exciting form of music because it's the fastest and least repetitive. I really love hardcore techno and gabber, but a lot of it is really masturbatory."

The same argument can be made about IDM, the "intelligent" approach to dance music that often places an emphasis on the technical intricacy of a track rather than its visceral appeal. Flis says he enjoys IDM, but understands why people might want something to dance to when the headphones are off and they're in a dingy club like Silk City. Hence the infectious breakcore of Duran Duran Duran's Very Pleasure LP (out Jan. 24 on Cock Rock Disco), which runs hip-hop, rock and ragga through a circuit board of jacked BPMs and overt effects.

"Ultimately no one really gives a shit what you're doing behind your gear," Flis says. "They just want to see you freak out, get naked or puke on things."

Counter Culture: A Night of Experimental Electronics, featuring Duran Duran Duran, Synth-Etik, Xanopticon, Totakeke, Lichtswitch, Kallisti and Nicosia Nephente, Thu., Dec. 16, 9:30 p.m., $5, Silk City, Fifth and Spring Garden sts., 215-592-8838.

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