Concert Review/Photos: Vita and the Woolf @ Johnny Brenda’s 9/17

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It was so gratifying to witness a large crowd take in the pure, unique soul sounds of Vita and the Woolf. It was the group’s largest Philly headlining date yet, and Jennifer Pague’s voice seared the ears with grand passion. Her keyboard strokes and the expert percussion of Adam Shumski brought vivid life to 2014’s Fang Song (not to forget guest guitarist Josh Olmstead adding some string love to the mix). Vita and the Woolf are one of this city’s best and brightest.

Aphra was the perfect opener with her soul rock. Dramatic interludes of drums, keyboards and guitar were interwoven with Rebecca Way’s outstanding vocal delivery. Legs Like Tree Trunks rounded out the all-Philly bill with Layers upon layers of guitars.

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